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Video Library

Enjoy videos demonstrating the latest plastic welding technologies and techniques.

Robot Spot Welding Clam Shell Packages

Why Chose Dukane by Nordson Medical

Ultrasonic Sealing for Packaging Industry

Infrared Preheat Vibration Welding

Infrared Preheat Vibration Welding Animation

Laser Welding

Contour Laser Welding

Multiple Probe Ultrasonic Welding

Hot Gas Welding

Rotary Infrared Welding

Electromagnetic Resistance Welding

Single Step Ultrasonic Cutting and Sealing - Medical Device

Ultrasonic Welding with patented Melt-Detect™ technology

Rotary Ultrasonic Sealing for Packaging

Spin Welding Plastic Parts

Hotplate Welding Animation

Quick tool Changing - Vibration Welding

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