Frequently Asked Questions

Customer Service

I want to ship this equipment overseas. Is it possible and what do I have to do for it to be correct for that specific country?

Inform your Dukane sales contact that the equipment will be shipping overseas so we can work with you to ensure your equipment conforms to the standards of the destination country, then include specific requirements such as CE certification at the time of order.

How soon can you deliver the equipment?

Dukane Ultrasonics will deliver your equipment by the commit date on the quote, or sooner if the product and workload permit.

What is the status of my tooling order?

Dukane Ultrasonics has a Tooling Expeditor who can answer your questions or connect  you to the tooling engineer. Our Tooling Expeditor's name and telephone number is included in the related quote.

How can I order spare parts and get prices immediately?

Your Dukane sales correspondent can help you order some spare parts for welders or horns, and your Dukane service technician or service secretary can provide assistance with itemized parts. Some parts are availabe online at The Dukane Store - most online parts ship within one or two days, and our online store provides fast, confirmed ordering.

Who do I talk to when I want to start an application?

Dukane has an international network of sales engineers to provide the assistance and support you require.

Do you have any used equipment at Dukane Ultrasonics?

Sometimes Dukane does receive used equipment. Used equipment is sold on a first come, first served basis. For inventory of our used equipment, contact Jerry Wibben at 630-797-4942 or

If my local sales contact is unavailable, who can help me?

Your Dukane Ultrasonics sales correspondents are available at 630-797-4918 to answer your questions to the best of their ability, and will also make sure that you are directed to the right person if further assistance is required.

We need tooling but don't have any parts for manufacturing. Can you provide tooling?

Any prints of the part will help our tooling engineer make sure you receive the tooling you require. IGES files can be e-mailed to Dukane's tooling engineer and printed drawings can be faxed. If drawings are not available, our tooling engineer is available to discuss your tooling requirements.

Can I get a discount or can you do something with the price?

Dukane Ultrasonics' sales contact or Regional Manager can answer your cost-related questions. Our Sales Offices page will provide the name and contact information for your area.