Heat Staking Thermal Press

Servo Controlled Heat Staking Thermal Press

Standard Features

  • Servo motor (z-axis)
  • Z–axis control adjustable in .001" increments
  • Z-axis speeds adjustable in .100 inches per minute
  • Rolled ball screw with automatic oiling system
  • Multiple speeds/feeds and distances per each cycle
  • Multiple machine modes
  • Multiple job storage (1-100 jobs)
  • Adjustable head home position allows for lowered
  • Start position to increase production
  • Dual linear rails with four linear carriages
  • Zero-force “opto" style actuator switches
  • STS actuator heads can be easily mounted into automation and can be mounted in any axis
  • Steel ground machine column
  • 20" machine travel (longer available)
  • Steel blanchard ground work table with locking casters
  • Integrated machine controls
  • Integrated temperature controls
  • FRL assembly for pneumatic part clamping & post cooling

Options Available

  • Automation Remote Actuation Cables
  • Part Presence Detection
  • Light Curtain Actuation
  • Automatic Part Ejection
  • Rotary, Pallet, Under/Over Conveyer Integration
  • Bowl feeders
  • Load cell
  • DVT vision style part detection


  • Power Requirements 240 VAC, 3 phase, 40A
  • Pneumatic requirements, clean, dry air at 80 psi (for machine peripherals only)


  • Overall Dimensions: (These number are approx. 36 W x 36 D x 90 inches)
  • Stroke: 20.00 inches
  • Throat: 12 inches from center of head
  • Weight: 1500 lb
  • Base Bolt Pattern 3/8-16 on 5."/ 7."/ 9" B.C.

System Controls

  • Overall cycle time monitors exactly how long it takes to make a complete part from initial start to head retracted
  • Over process control alerts operator when the system takes too long to make a completed assembly
  • In-temperature feature checks system prior to every cycle to assure proper operating temperature and can be adjusted in 1 degree increments above and below temperature set point
  • True system dwell time and post cooling time destroy part memory and assure a tight assembly
  • Overall distance can be controlled within .001" without drift
  • Machine setup menu allows operator to change the operating mode of the system. Slide tables, post cooling, part clamping and part presence detecting can be turned on or off with a simple press of a button
  • Multiple job storage allows you to store operating parameters for fast easy machine setup
  • Multiple cycle counters, machine overall cycle counter and re-settable day counter
  • Multi-zone temperature control capable up to twelve zones standard, can be monitored and changed remotely via an RS232 communication port