Spin Welders

Servo Weld™ Plus Spin Welder

Servo WeldTM Plus Spin Welder is an all-electric press system utilizing two servo motors to provide precise control and accuracy for welding assemblies with circular weld joints. By utilizing state of the art servo controls, this equipment provides unmatched angular orientation and overall assembly height consistency. It features a technologically advanced, touch-enabled HMI with an intuitive menu structure to control and monitor the welding process.


  • Melt-Match® mode can be enabled during the weld phase, in which the motion of the vertical axis is coordinated with that of the spin axis to match the rate of melt of the material being welded.
  • Servo spin axis with angular resolution of 0.1 degree and servo vertical actuator (Z axis) with positioning resolution of .0004 in. (0.01mm).
  • Weld initiation methods include spin torque, vertical position and an external signal.
  • Weld methods include collapse distance, position (absolute distance), energy, and peak spin torque (all weld methods can be used with or without spin orientation).
  • Post-weld methods include dynamic hold, static hold or a combination of both.
  • Built-in capability to support the following features eliminates the need for an external PLC or HMI when configured as semi-automated work cells:
    • Fixture clamps
    • Part presence sensors
    • Remote operation with setup switching
    • Light curtains

Advanced HMI Features

  • An integral 175 mm, high-resolution color touch screen user interface with an intuitive menu structure.
  • Onboard storage of up to 64 setup recipes.
  • Onboard storage of weld cycle data and graphs.
  • Programmable upper and lower limits for advanced process control.
  • Password protected interface for setup safety.
  • Menus available in multiple languages.
  • Import and export of setups and data via USB port.
  • Cycle data output to external devices using OPC UA, Modbus TCP, or FTP standard (RS-232 optional).

Mechanical Features

  • Extra-rigid, steel rectangular tube column with negligible deflection.
  • 5.0 inch (127 mm) stroke for great versatility.
  • 8.5 inch (215 mm) throat depth.
  • Programmable Top of Stroke position to reduce vertical stroke and cycle time.
  • Automation connectors for interfacing with custom machinery.
  • Optical cycle activation switches.
  • Ergonomic base with steel ground plate.

Optional Items

  • Spin tool vacuum system for part retention.
  • Remote HMI.
  • Available “less base” or “less base and column” for incorporation into automation.
  • Configurable for customized work cells, semi-automated or fully automated manufacturing environments.