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iQ Series Software

Dukane introduces the iQ Series Software for ultrasonic plastic welding systems.  Ethernet capabilities allow for remote access from anywhere in your manufacturing facility.  It is also touch screen capable and, depending on the size of your hard-drive has an unlimited amount of set-ups.  The iQ Series software can communicate with 8 DPC IV welders simultaneously through a special ArcNet configuration thus saving budgeted funds for other important items.

The Ethernet connection offers true "remote access" to your welding system from anywhere in the world.  Touch-screen controls are an option when using a Tablet PC for the control unit.

New graphing capabilities allow the engineer to save and store each graph from each individual weld.  It also allows the engineer to store a reference graph that will enable the Quality Manager to use it for comparison for future FDA validation.  The reference graph is a helpful tool that is used once the weld program has been optimized.  The Graph screen can be customized to show any number of results including Weld Distance, Time, Velocity, Force, Energy, Amplitude and Power.

Another new feature of the iQ Series Software is the Production Analysis screen.  This feature allows the QC Manager to analyze the productivity of the welder as well as the efficiency of the program.  This "tool" can also be helpful for FDA validation.

The Cycle Data screen not only shows each weld result, but also the min/max tolerances set by the QC Manager.  If a part falls outside the window, it shows up as a "suspect" or "bad" part (depending on how the process limits are set).  All Cycle Data is saved in a .xml format at the end of each shift or programmed interval.  The weld data could then be downloaded into your current SPC system for further quality management of the welding process.

The iQ Series Software still includes the standard Dukane program features that are utilized worldwide by Dukane customers for outstanding weld results.  The new iQ Series Software can be used on all Level IV ultrasonic welding systems in all available frequencies.

Dukane offers a full range of ultrasonic, vibration, spin and hot plate welders, thermal presses, probes, tooling and software for both OEM and the commercial plastic assembly markets. Dukane is an ISO 9001:2000 certified manufacturer with 24/7 Service. For more information on Dukane's 15kHz Ultrasonic Assembly System, and their complete line of plastic assembly solutions, contact Jason Barton, National Sales and Marketing Manager. He can be reached at (630) 797-4902 or visit their web site