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Perfect Solution to Surface Marring Problems

Ideally, an ultrasonic horn makes perfect contact with the part it is welding. The part should move in sync with the face of the horn and transfer all the energy into the welding joint. In the real world, parts have minor imperfections or textured surfaces but still have stringent cosmetic requirements. These areas of imperfect fit between the plastic part and horn allow energy to concentrate at those spots and cause surface marring.

To address this problem, Dukane developed a Film Index System which places a thin plastic film between the horn and the part to be ultrasonically welded. The film compensates for any mismatch between the horn and the part and absorbs the energy that would otherwise cause surface marring. After each cycle, the film is automatically advanced a preset amount set by an index dial on the film feed controller. The system can be easily added to any Dukane press and handles film rolls up to ten inches wide. Two bolts secure the film feeder assembly to the column, and an input cable on the control unit plugs into the Top-of-Stroke connector on the press. The Film Index System is the perfect solution to surface marring problems on critical or cosmetic parts.

Dukane manufactures standard and custom machines at its worldwide headquarters in St. Charles, Illinois, USA. It backs them with its superior warranty and legendary Dukane

Dukane offers a full range of ultrasonic, vibration, spin and hot plate welders, thermal presses, probes, tooling and software for both OEM and the commercial plastic assembly markets. Dukane is an ISO 9001:2000 certified manufacturer with 24/7 Service. For more information on Dukane's 15kHz Ultrasonic Assembly System, and their complete line of plastic assembly solutions, contact Jason Barton, National Sales and Marketing Manager. He can be reached at (630) 797-4902 or visit their web site