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New iQLinQ™, a proprietary communication protocol

Dukane introduces iQLinQ™, a proprietary communication protocol to give end users an array of options to interface generators with automated systems. It runs on iQ Series Generators and is available in different optional modules to connect PLCs with generators using prevalent Fieldbus and/or Industrial Ethernet communication protocols such as Profibus, Profinet/IO, Ethernet/IP, Powerlink, CC-Link/IE, EtherCAT.

iQLinQ™ is a solution to simplify industrial communication protocol. It gives automation houses the flexibility to connect devices and enable them to communicate with each other regardless of their network environment. End users can reduce engineering cost, integration risk, and total cost to develop and deliver plastic assembly solutions by switching to iQLinQ™. They can control weld process, set up multiple weld parameters, obtain real time data or previous cycle data remotely from their PLCs. Efficient process control results in high yield, high quality which significantly reduces cost and downtime.

Dukane offers a full range of ultrasonic, vibration, spin and hot plate welders, thermal presses, probes, tooling and software for both OEM and the commercial plastic assembly markets. Dukane is an ISO 9001:2000 certified manufacturer with 24/7 Service. For more information on iQLinQ™ contact Jason Barton, Vice President Sales and Marketing, Dukane Corporation, IAS Division, 2900 Dukane Drive, St Charles, IL 60174, phone number +1 630-797-4902. or visit their web site