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Multi-Lingual Vibration Welders Handle Wider Range of Tooling

Two new Linear Vibration Welders expand Dukane's family of plastic assembly solutions. Vibration welders are used by industrial manufacturers in automotive, medical and appliance markets to weld assemblies made from glass-filled and high-performance plastics. The standard 50-inch welder will handle oversize pieces and the midsize 38-inch model places a high quality machine in reach of the average company. The optimized drive heads permit the welder to handle heavy tooling at higher frequencies than competing units resulting in shorter weld times. They also handle a wider range of tooling weights. The vibration welders are built using readily available commercial subassemblies to ensure a longer and more economical service life than units built with proprietary components. This also lessens the need for expensive field service calls. A color touch-screen steps the operator through the setup and operate menus in either English or Spanish. An extensive online help menu comes standard.

The vibration welders offer quick tooling change over and easy operator access. They have a reinforced sub-frame with four extra-rigid guide rails. These resist side loads which provide greater stability and more accurate lift-table positioning. Both models have a digital/electromechanical drive system with no bearing surfaces to wear or lubricate. Other features include closed-loop amplitude control, automatic tuning and a hydraulic lift/clamp system. Built-in diagnostics minimize downtime and custom automation outputs are a standard feature.

Dukane offers a full range of ultrasonic, vibration, spin and hot plate welders, thermal presses, probes, tooling and software for both OEM and the commercial plastic assembly markets. Dukane is an ISO 9001:2000 certified manufacturer with 24/7 Service. For more information on Dukane's 15kHz Ultrasonic Assembly System, and their complete line of plastic assembly solutions, contact Jason Barton, National Sales and Marketing Manager. He can be reached at (630) 797-4902 or visit their web site