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Laser Welder Workstation Provides Turn Key Solution for Manufacturers

Dukane introduced a fully integrated, polymer laser welding workstation at the NPE 2003 show. The PolyScan system is based on a patented, diode pumped solid-state laser which safely welds sensitive electronic and mechanical assemblies without producing any particulate. A beam-steering and focusing head provides the capability for both fixed and dynamic beam welding. This unique feature permits quick changeover of tooling with a corresponding reduction in cost. The low heat input to the workpiece allows welding very close to sensitive components. The joints are dust and humidity proof, crack resistant, feature excellent aesthetics and can be made invisible. Other applications include quick prototypes, short production runs, sensitive electronic components, medical instruments and portable telecommunication devices.

The sophisticated LaserCAD software is integrated into the graphical user interface that runs on Windows 98/2000/NT. All commands and menus can be selected in one of five different languages. The LaserCAD software uses standard CAD elements to visualize and control the working area. All of the necessary laser parameters can be varied and applied to the CAD drawing elements. Typical workpiece size is in the 1 to 20 cm range, but larger custom machines are available. Several pieces can be processed simultaneously, and table or motion systems can be added to optimize the process. Dukane will provide application feasibility evaluation, laser technology demonstrations and systems integration at their corporate headquarters in St. Charles, IL.

Dukane offers a full range of ultrasonic, vibration, spin and hot plate welders, thermal presses, probes, tooling and software for both OEM and the commercial plastic assembly markets. Dukane is an ISO 9001:2000 certified manufacturer with 24/7 Service. For more information on Dukane's 15kHz Ultrasonic Assembly System, and their complete line of plastic assembly solutions, contact Jason Barton, National Sales and Marketing Manager. He can be reached at (630) 797-4902 or visit their web site