Ultrasonic Welders

20 kHz
1200W and 2400W

iQ Series Ultrasonic Integrated Press System i220

Dukane iQ Series i220 ultrasonic welding press system is an integrated machine designed for applications that require less process documentation, yet are built on the robust precision mechanical platform as our full featured machines. Available in 20 kHz power levels from 1200 – 2400 Watts. Two main models offer either Time and Energy or Time Energy and Distance options. The i220 ultrasonic welder offers advanced features like Process Limits, .5 millisecond sample rate, and Patented Trigger by Power.

Easy Fault is exclusive to iQ power supplies. System faults and alarms prompt a fault code (i.e. U501). Enter the code at and the easy fault search will provide addition tips and process improvement information. Thus expediting fault /alarm solutions and reducing down time.


  • 100% Digital Control of all power supply functions and parameters allows for unique configurations and future upgrades or requirements. Includes digital frequency synthesis.
  • Data Acquisition Rate of .5 ms due to advanced multi-core architecture. Increased weld accuracy and repeatability.
  • Amplitude Adjustment in 1% increments from 20% to 100% through front panel.
  • Linear Ramp Soft-start algorithm allows the acoustic stack to be brought to operating amplitude smoothly, minimizing start-up surges and abnormal stress to the stack and power supply.
  • Digi-Trac tuning automatically tracks the resonant frequency digitally. No need to manually tune the generator during every weld cycle. The output frequency adjusts itself to match the acoustic stack (sonotrode booster and transducer).
  • Line and Load Regulation amplitude is maintained independent of load force and incoming line voltage variations. Through a closed-loop amplitude control, the amplitude regulation maintains output amplitude by correcting for fluctuations in line voltage and output power loading. Maintained within 1% to provide weld process consistency and shorter cycle times.
  • Programmable Softstart and Softstop amplitude can be used to reduce stress on acoustic stacks, or for high-speed application to achieve full amplitude in as short as .010 seconds. Factory configurable settings also available.
  • Stack Scan feature scans the stack to determine the optimum starting frequency and provides a method for setting the start up frequency (Free Run Frequency).
  • Frequency Tracking feature improves the consistency of starting an acoustic stack if the frequency of the stack changes significantly over a shift or a day.
  • Selectable Frequency Lock and Hold feature system ignores Digi-Trac automatic tuning feature and locks to startup stack frequency – helps in difficult applications where the stack couples with a product.
  • User-Accessible, Programmable Advanced Hardware settings allow changes to Free Run Frequency, Frequency Tracking, Frequency Lock/Hold and Frequency Limits, which provides advance settings for difficult acoustic stacks.
  • Afterburst include delay and duration time settings.
  • Power Display for checking and monitoring acoustic stack characteristics.

Distance Module and Linear Encoding

  • Weld by Distance Mode controls the melt collapse distance to insure that the same volume of material melts on each part so that the finished joint strength is consistent.
  • Weld by Position controls the finished part height to yield uniform assemblies.
  • All Distance Parameters (weld, total weld, and end weld position distances) are monitored, with upper and lower limits for bad or suspect parts to verify quality and consistency.
  • Trigger by Power (U.S. Patent 7,475,801) Provides more consistent welds by providing a sufficient and repeatable amount of pressure/force to be applied to the part before the weld cycle starts.
  • High Quality Linear Optical Encoder with a onemicron resolution for excellent precision and repeatability.

Power and Energy Module

  • Weld by Energy Mode delivers a specific amount of energy to the part to enhance process control.
  • dd with upper and lower limits for bad and suspect parts.


i220 Ultrasonic Welder and Press Features

  • Rugged Construction using the highest quality components provides superior performance, precision, and reliability.
  • Compact, Single-Rail Linear Ball Slide Assembly System offers accurate positioning, stable movement, and friction-free travel.
  • 7” (178mm) Stroke with mechanical bottom stop adjustable in .001” (.025mm) increments.
  • Top-of-Stroke Limit Switch for automation application.
  • All Controls are Accessible From the Front for convenient set-up and operation.
  • Easy-to-Use Side Panel Position Indicators with universal icons instantly show settings of position and bottom stop.
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  • Front Panel Lockout allows for remote input to lockout all front panel operator controls.
  • Chrome-Plated Column and Titanium Booster are standard.
  • Internally Mounted Optional Linear Encoder saves space in multi head and automated installations.
  • Remote Pneumatics Availability offers increased flexibility in system integration.
  • OSHA-Required Lockout for Air Supply is standard.
  • Ergonomic Base and Cycle Activation Switches reduce operator fatigue.
  • Status Indicators, In Cycle, and Abort clearly communicate system conditions.
  • Twist-Release Emergency Stop Switch meets international safety standards.


  • Resonant Mount Booster.
  • Taller Press Columns to increase part load area height.
  • Custom Air Cylinder 1.50” (38mm), or 2.00” (51mm) and 3.00” (76mm) diameters.
  • Automatic Buffer sheet film feeder.