Ultrasonic Welders

iQ Explorer User-Interface for Ultrasonic Welding Applications

iQ Explorer's intuitive touch-screen graphical menu structure incorporates a one-page setup screen that makes welder operation easy to learn and program.  Ethernet connectivity, wireless networking, and multiple USB ports are all options for weld and graph data storage. Over 25 programmable upper and lower process limits along with reference, weld graph logic is available for weld diagnostics and process consistency.


  • iQ Explorer operates on Windows operating system independently of the ultrasonic system.
  • Usable on most computer platforms, desktop, tablet, notebook or industrial PC, and does not require proprietary hardware from Dukane.
  • The image on this screen is user configurable and tied to the part setup file. You can upload an image of the part. This gives immediate recognition that the correct setup is being used to control the welding process for that part.

User Interface Features

  • Windows Operating System uses familiar file folder menu structure, requires no special training to program and operate.
  • Touch screen input for ease of programming. All welder setup parameters are programmed from one menu page.
  • Ethernet connectivity for connection to local area network or stand-alone applications.

  • Supervisory password control features for lock-out of system controls.
  • Remote connectivity to Dukane's 24 hour hotline for system diagnostics and troubleshooting ensures minimized down time.

Process Control

To optimize the welding process and produce the strongest and most consistent weld results it is critical to look at all phases of the welding process for each application.

Pre-weld Control

  • Electronic Load Cell provides closed loop programmable trigger force.
  • Pre-trigger by Distance, or Trigger by Force, Velocity, Power, or Automation input options are available.

Post-weld Control

  • Secondary Hold Pressure is available for increased clamping force to pack out molten material while increasing bond strength.
  • Hold by Time, Distance or Auto (Velocity).

Weld Control/Modes

  • Electronic Pressure Regulator coupled with pressure transducer provides closed loop control and monitor of weld pressure. Programmable by force or pressure.
  • Pressure Profiling up to 20 segments.
  • Linear Optical Encoder with a one-micron resolution over seven inches of usable travel for excellent precision and repeatability.
  • Primary and Secondary Control Functions offer total flexibility in process control, reducing rejects and increasing part consistency.
  • Weld by Time.
  • Weld by Energy delivers a specific amount of energy to the work.
  • Weld by Distance controls the collapse distance to ensure that the same volume of material melts on each part so the finish joint strength is consistent.
  • Weld by Absolute Distance controls the finish part height to yield uniform assemblies.
  • Weld by Peak Power terminates the ultrasound when the available joint material is completely melted.