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why Ultrasonic?

Top Sealing Pouches
  • Enables high-speed top sealing in continuous motion in Horizontal Form and Fill Sealing applications
  • Get rid of poor seal quality and get reliable seal quality with ultrasonic sealing because it creates molecular bonds between the sealing layers and provides reliable, repeatable, and strong seals
  • Unlike heat bars and adhesives, ultrasonic horns are very low maintenance because of its robust design and ability to consistently seal multiple layers
  • Does not transfer any heat to the packaged product during the sealing process
  • Seals biodegradable and recyclable packaging materials and reduces energy consumption
  • Effective across a wide range of materials and in applications where product contamination in the seal zone can lead to seal failures
  • Customize for multi-head intermittent motion HFFS machines where a single-sealing system can achieve multiple seals (e.g., triplex machines) in a single traversing motion.

related Products

Soniseal UL Series

Rotary Ultrasonic Bonding Technology

• Faster Processing Speed While Maintaining Seal Integrity
• Reduces Energy Consumption when Compared to Heat Sealing
• Integrates into Existing Machine Configurations

Rotary Ultrasonic-Sonisolution™ RS Series

• Suitable for a Variety of Industrial Applications
• Design the Rotary Ultrasonic Technology Component into Your System
• Offers Precise Control of Seal During Start-Stop Conditions

Automation Ready Ultrasonic Generator-iQ AiM

iQ AiM™ AutomationReady

• Quick & Easy Integration into electrical panels with easy access to connectors and cables
• Bonds nonwoven materials at the rate of over 500 meters per minute in a continuous process
• Industry 4.0 ready with patented Trigger by Power™ feature ensures consistent welds
• Capable of plunge and continuous bonding

Automation Ready Ultrasonic Generator for Ultrasonic Welding

iQ Auto-Plus Ultrasonic generator

• Industry 4.0 ready power supply with patented Trigger by Power™ feature to ensure consistent welds
• Wide range of models with Power Levels of 600 & 1200 watts & frequencies of 20, 30, 35 & 40 kHz
• Capable of plunge and continuous bonding


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