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Unparalleled service and support is our goal. We partner with you from initial stage of designing your part or selecting the best welding process to getting your welding system up and running at your manufacturing location. We are just a phone call away. See Downloads

Technical Support & Documents

Dukane Corporate Headquarters

2900 Dukane Drive

St. Charles, IL 60174

Phone: (630) 797-4987 | 800-231-8404

Email: Tech Support Emergency Telephone Support after business hours, on weekends, during holidays You may call and receive emergency telephone service and support assistance Monday through Friday, 5:00 p.m. to 8:00 a.m. Central Standard time, and on weekends and during holidays. Please note that after-hours telephone support is for service-related inquiries only. We are not able to ship parts until the next business day.

Application Support

Dukane Corporate Headquarters

2900 Dukane Drive

St. Charles, IL 60174

Phone: (630) 797-4900

We review your applications and run your samples using our leading-edge plastic welding technologies. Our Application Engineers inspect the samples after assembly and make sure they meet required specifications and suggest the best suited process for the application. You receive a formal lab report detailing setup conditions, process parameters, power and velocity graphs of the actual data obtained while assembling the samples.

Technical Seminars

Dukane Corporate Headquarters

2900 Dukane Drive

St. Charles, IL 60174

Phone: (630) 797-4900

We offer the most comprehensive plastic welding technical seminars available. Our Technical Experts offer onsite training at your plant floors to ensure that operators and production engineers are aware of the important the features of welding systems and gain full productivity. In addition, the inhouse training offered at our Headquarter and Regional Technical Centers are designed to give extensive knowledge on different welding technologies, hands on exposure and interactive sessions. We can customize courses to fit your needs, conduct them in your facility and even reach them in other languages

Equipment Repair

Dukane Corporate Headquarters

2900 Dukane Drive

Saint Charles, IL 60174

Phone: 630-762-4070

To check on the status of a repair

When Repair is needed, Technical Support is available if diagnostic assistance is required.

  • Submit an RMA Request
  • Print out the RMA label attachment from the e-mail confirmation.
  • Pack the equipment well to prevent damage.  Dukane will not be responsible for repair costs caused by improper packing.



Laser Welding

What types of plastics can be welded?

What color plastics can I weld?

Does the bottom or inner part need to be Black?

How large of a part can I weld?

Do my parts need a joint design?

How fast can I weld?  (inches/mm per minute).

What shapes can I weld?

Can a laser system by integrated into automation?

What safety precautions are there for using a laser?

Laser Welder Tooling: Do I need to have glass clamp my parts?

Can I use a transparent plastic?

Applications and Troubleshooting – Why do I have so much smoke/fumes when I weld?

Should or can the laser system be calibrated? How often?

Ultrasonic Welding

Why am I seeing a Flash?

Why is there a misalignment of the welded assembly?

How do I stop internal components from being damaged during welding?

How can I stop melting or fracturing of the part (outside of the joint area)?

Why are the internal components welding together?

Why do I keep experiencing diaphragming?

Why am I experiencing over welding?

Why am I experiencing under welding?

Why am I experiencing uneven welding?

When I am welding why are the parts marking?

Why am I having inconsistent weld results on a part-to-part basis?

Ultrasonic Staking

Why is there a ragged or irregularly shaped stake head being formed?

Why is there excessive flash around the stake head?

Why is the surface below the stake head distorted?

Why is there a loose fit between the staked head and the part being attached?

Why is the stud collapsing at its base?

Why is the base melting before the head forms?

Why does the formed stud stay in the staking cavity as the horn retracts?

Ultrasonic Insertion

Why does the insert lack retention strength?

Why do I keep having inconsistent insertion of multiple inserts?

How can I stop the cracking during/after insertion?

Why is the insert not driven to the desired length?

Why is the cycle time so long?

How can I stop melted plastic from filling the hole (Applies to internally threaded inserts).

Vibration Machine

Why will the machine not cycle in auto mode?

What periodic maintenance needs to be performed?

Can you shut down the machine without a coordinated shut down of HMI?

What is tool weigh compensation?

How often should the hydraulic oil be replaced?

Why use all bolts in upper tooling?

Why is a balanced tool so important?

What is tool ID?

Vibration Process

The machine ran a cycle but did not reach melt down distance, why would this happen?

Should I weld in time or melt down distance?

How much weld pressure should I use on my application during weld?

How much hold pressure should I use on my application?

I have scratches on the part from the vibration process. How do I get rid of marks?

Can I use dissimilar materials?

I have welds in areas not intended to weld. (causing defect such as flash in visible area)

Why or when do I need to run an auto tune?

What is a melt map?

When I tear the parts apart (MELT MAP) the weld beads are not all welded

What is hold time and how much do I need?

Are Leak Proof seals possible?

Dukane Corporate Headquarters


2900 Dukane Drive, St. Charles, IL 60174