Ultrasonic Bonding PPE & Medical Devices

Ultrasonic bonding technology offers unique solutions for a variety of applications in medical disposable, hygiene, and personal care industry.

  • Ultrasonic probe systems for Automated Mask making machinery: Intermittent or continuous bonding useful in the production of face masks, bonds around rigid parts (e.g., metal nose bands) and bonds non-thermoplastic components like cotton and elastic components into other face mask materials. Learn More by visiting or FACE MASK CONSTRUCTION page
  • Garment Seaming: Rotary or continuous bonding system can be used to make intricate seams on medical disposable garments.
  • Ultrasonic Plunge Bonding for ear-loops, perimeter of face masks, and straps with composite sonotrode.
  • Ultrasonic Plunge Bonding for Respirator filters & cut seal .​

Dukane’s iQ AiM™ Ultrasonic Generator is Industry 4.0 ready for modern manufacturing challenges. Industry leading accuracy and repeatability with upgraded 3rd Generation hardware and firmware. Power Factor Correction (PFC) circuitry provides > 92% power efficiency, reducing energy consumption and operating costs. Combined with our rotary ultrasonic bonding technology iQ AiMTM can seal nonwovens/films over 800 meters per minute.

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