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Infared Imaging Inspection to Test Weld Joints and Integrity of Laser Welded Plastic Parts


Laser Welding Experts Dukane

Infrared Imaging system

Infrared Imaging Systems: Test weld joints, bonding integrity with IR imaging.

Infrared Imaging system works hand in hand with Dukane's Laser Welding systems. They provide machine vision inspection through a standalone inspection unit or placed in an assembly line.

With the fairly recent adoption of laser plastic welding as a technique for joining plastic components, the need for inspection of the bonding area as well as internal part placement and integrity has increasingly grown. In a typical “laser plastic welded” device, one side is transparent in the infrared (IR) wavelength but not necessarily to the human eye.

This allows the laser energy to pass through and fuse the two halves together. Most of the IR transparent materials used with this method however, do not lend themselves well for inspection by a human or even with traditional machine vision inspection systems.

For many applications, the IR transparent layer cannot be transparent to the human eye, so the base resin is doped with a pigment or dye. This makes it visually opaque but still allows for good IR transmission. IR Imaging system is revolutionary because for the first time you can check internal component placement, inspect bond integrity and identify material defects early on in the laser plastic welding process. This is vital from a quality control standpoint, and can potentially save thousands of dollars.

IR Imaging system offers a fully contained research and development system and an integration-ready system that can be placed into an automated production line.

Check out the standalone prototype unit below:

Infared Vision Inspection System

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