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Happy 38th Birthday "Welder"

Happy 38th Birthday "Welder"

Yes! You read it right, we recently celebrated the 38th Birthday of our ultrasonic work station built in 1979 to assemble whistles for SERON® Manufacturing.  This was the first-time ultrasonic welding was used for the manufacturing of whistles. Before this, whistles were assembled using adhesives. Mr. Suren V. Seron, current president and owner of Seron Manufacturing, designed these whistles and received a patent in 1981. He chose ultrasonic welding to provide a strong and airtight bond of the whistles for maximum sound generation and to eliminate the concern of aging of adhesives. Patented SERON® P-38® whistles are made of high impact shatterproof ABS plastic and are used internationally by professional referees, coaches, dog trainers, teachers and sports enthusiasts. Underground workers in many industries also use P-38® for personal protection as a safety-sounding device.

Birthday Party Celebrations at Dukane
Birthday Party Celebrations

Established in 1952 Seron Manufacturing is a family owned business in Joliet, IL. It all started when Mr. Suren V. Seron, was a little boy and like any young boy was playing basketball with neighborhood kids. He accidentally dropped his eyeglasses and broke them. He took the glasses to his dad Dr. Seron, who was a dentist. Instead of just fixing the eyeglasses Dr. Seron thought of having something that would secure the glass on the young boys head during sporting activities. Thus, a new product Glass-Gards® was born, which quickly gained popularity among parents of young kids, schools and people engaged in active sports. Soon Seron Manufacturing became a leading manufacturer and worldwide distributor of safety and industrial supplies including safety eyeglasses, Glass-Gards®, badge holders, lanyards, cords and whistles.

old and new  Ultrasonic Welding Workcell
Ultrasonic Welding Workcell

Mr. Suren V. Seron joined his family business in the 70's and designed SERON® P-38® whistles. Dukane was his preferred supplier to meet the need for a custom-built ultrasonic welding work-cell. Wendell Harley, who is currently the Custom Engineering Group Leader at Dukane was an engineer at Dukane in 1979 and was involved in the project. A 20 kHz, six-station rotary part, indexing, ultrasonic welding work cell was built to meet the production goal of SERON® whistles. Today, SERON® P-38® whistles comes in 15 solid colors and 225 dazzling combinations. These whistles can be customized with specific logo, slogan, company or product name molded in the cap. The work cell is still producing quality whistles, which are supplied worldwide to meet custom wholesale and retail orders.

After 38 years of togetherness, Mr. Seron has personalized the work cell and calls it “Welder”. Keith Day, Sales Engineer at Dukane has been assisting Mr. Seron with any service needs for the last 10 years and is now a good friend. He invited Mr. Seron to our headquarters in St. Charles, IL, to celebrate the 38th Birthday of our ‘Welder’. He accepted the invitation and was excited to meet Wendell Harley and other team members. He shared, "Welder is going strong and producing quality whistles to meet demand."

We celebrated our quality, customer service, and our passion to take on exceptional projects as an opportunity to provide an outstanding solution. We are looking forward to the celebrate Welder’s 40th Birthday with the whole gang in 2019.

For more information on Dukane's custom built work cells visit or call 630-797-4900