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Dukane’s Technical Seminars - A great opportunity to sharpen your saw

Dukane’s Technical Seminars - A great opportunity to sharpen your saw

Have you heard the story of the man who is working feverishly to cut down a tree? He had been working hard for hours when a passerby suggested that his work might go faster if he would take a short break to sharpen the saw. “I don’t have time to sharpen the saw,” the man says. I’m too busy sawing!”

Unfortunately, this is often the most prevalent attitude towards training. We are so busy trying to meet production demands, cost targets and quality standards that we simply do not stop and sharpen our saw. With this in mind, Dukane's technical team designed two comprehensive technical seminars to help plastic part manufacturers learn and sharpen their Ultrasonic and Vibration welding skills.

Ultrasonic Technical Seminar
Ultrasonic Technical Seminar_conducted by Ken Holt

The Introduction to Ultrasonic Plastics Assembly seminar is a comprehensive two-day technical forum designed to provide a general understanding of ultrasonic plastics assembly and its capabilities. Participants learn practical theory, principles, the benefits of ultrasonic assembly and how to incorporate ultrasonic welding into their manufacturing processes. The workshops are designed to be very interactive and participatory. Participants are encouraged to bring their specific questions, concerns, and applications for discussion and analysis.

 Vibration Welding Seminar
Vibration Welding Seminar_conducted by Ray LaFlamme

The second program Introduction to Vibration Welding is a one-day technical forum designed to provide the basics of vibration welding. It also gives an opportunity to understand the frequency and amplitude of different machines, part design requirement for the process and typical applications for vibration welding.

Classes are small and interactive; Dukane encourages participants to bring in their specific questions and applications for group discussion. These technical seminars are great opportunities for professionals to learn and catch up on advanced Assembly Technologies, network with industry peers and share mutual experiences to articulate better solutions.

Dukane conducts two In-House Technical Seminars annually in St. Charles, IL and multiple regional seminars to provide local opportunities to customers worldwide. For more information on all Technical Seminars and workshops provided by Dukane, visit this Training page or call the training hotline (630) 797-4929.


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