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Dukane’s ISTeP---Gaining Industry Wide Recognition as a Standard Plastic Weld Testing Part

Dukane’s ISTeP---Gaining Industry Wide Recognition as a Standard Plastic Weld Testing Part

The Plastic Welding industry is well aware of the benefits gained from a better weld strength of any plastic material. Whether we are making and delivering medical equipment or packaging for consumer goods, weld strength is the key to achieve customer satisfaction. Dukane's Industrial Standard Test Part (ISTeP), initially created to test the capabilities of Dukane's Ultrasonic Servo-driven welders is gaining industry wide recognition as a standard test part in the Plastic Welding industry.

Excitingly, a global specialty chemical company is using ISTeP to compare the weld strength of the different types of plastic resins they produce. This chemical company produces a broad range of advanced materials, additives and functional products, specialty chemicals, and fibers found in items people use every day. They are a world leader in the diverse markets they serve and focus on delivering innovative and technology-based solutions while maintaining their commitment to safety and sustainability.

ISTeP is a two-piece cylindrical part used to test a variety of welded parts' characteristics. ISTeP's cylindrical shape allows for Spin weld testing along with Laser and Ultrasonic weld testing this is one of the several advantages it has over the Standard plastic I-beam test part. The following video demonstrates Ultrasonic Welding of Dukane's ISTeP parts using iQ Series Servo Ultrasonic Welder. This video also highlights some of the unique design characteristics of ISTeP for performing better pull and leak testing.

Additionally, the mold for ISTeP is designed for even filling, which prevents warping and sink marks, and ensures consistent wall thicknesses. The mold design also includes an insert to allow molding of an unlimited number of weld joint designs. Already, the mold has been used to produce a shear joint, a butt joint with a 60-degree energy director, and a butt joint with a 90-degree energy director. However, any joint design can be implemented, easily and quickly. The ISTeP allows for pull testing, pressure testing via a tube opening, measuring part height before and after welding, and determining actual collapse distance.

Each ultrasonic plastic welding method has its distinct advantages. ISTeP can also be used to find which welding equipment, process and feature works best. Features such as Trigger by Power, Static hold or Melt-Match® technology can be evaluated. Dukane's enhanced iQ Series generators and iQ Explorer II software are available to provide even more versatility and process documentation to make the testing process complete and comprehensive.

ISTeP's injection mold is available from Dukane for firms wanting test parts molded in their choice of resin. Dukane's experts offer experience and expertise for your application. For more information on ISTeP and other ultrasonic welding products please contact Dukane IAS division at 630-797-4900 and visit