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Dukane Japan at the Medical Device Development & Manufacturing Expo

Dukane Japan at the Medical Device Development & Manufacturing Expo

The Dukane Japan team participated for the first time at Manufacturing World Osaka 2013. Dukane had a booth at the 4th annual Medical Device Development & Manufacturing Expo.

Dukane Japan team at the Medical Device Development & Manufacturing Expo in Osaka, Japan

The staff in Tokyo is ready to assist with your next project – from concept to build.

Services include running tests in the lab with a variety of welders including Dukane iQ servo-controlled ultrasonic welders in 15, 20, 30, 40, 50kHz and servo-controlled spin welders, and commissioning welding equipment for launch at customer sites with Dukane’s expert resourcing available for each step of the process.

Pictured in the stand from left to right are Kunihiko Shinjo, Kohei Tajima, and Sunao Nagashima

The Dukane Japan Tech Center team has expertise working on projects in various markets, including medical device, automotive, packaging, and electronics. Wherever parts assembly solutions are needed, Dukane can offer its wealth of knowledge combined with an advanced line of hardware and software to meet the most demanding requirements.

Kunihiko Shinjo demonstrating Dukane's iQ Servo Ultrasonic welder

You are welcome to visit the Dukane Japan Tech Center at First Building 6F, 17, Kanda-Higashi-Matsushita-cho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 101-0042 TEL: +81-3-3525-8301 For more information you can also email Dukane Japan: or the Dukane Japan website at <a="href="" target="_blank">