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Quick Tips and Tricks Vibration Welding Process

July 18, 2019

Welding Tricks Improve your Vibration Welding Process with these Quick Tricks and Tips: Get consistent weld quality with Weld by Distance mode, the only closed-loop welding method. Even if the weld force, amplitude, or the surface area of weld changes due to inconsistent part molding or design gap, the machine welds by the same distance.…

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Key Advantages of Vibration Welding

May 2, 2019

Clean, fast, well suited for joining large parts, and the ability to produce high-quality joints without fasteners or adhesives are few of the many benefits that make vibration welding a popular joining method for manufacturers producing plastic parts for automotive, appliances, home improvement, and several other industries. Flexibility to join a variety of plastic parts:…

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Monitor and Maintain the Quality of Your Vibration Welding System

August 4, 2016

Dukane’s patented ‘Q’ factor technology for Linear Vibration Welders is an algorithm to help users monitor and maintain the quality of a welding system over its lifetime. ‘Q’ factor is calculated using the resonant frequency of the welding head of the vibration welder and the time between which its amplitude reaches its peak and declines to…

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A Success Story about Team Work and Tenacity - Vibration Welding Toyota Tonneau Cover

February 24, 2016

Dukane feels honored and proud to be part of the award winning team for Tonneau cover assembly on the 2016 Toyota Tacoma pickup. This winning team in eleven months designed and created a Tonneau cover that is not only flexible and light weight but also provides the required strength and security to the end user.

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Vibration Welding and Compatibility of Materials

August 27, 2010

For most applications, you weld the same material to the same material, example (ABS to ABS). To bond two thermoplastic parts it is necessary that the materials be chemically compatible.

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Dynamic Balancing of Linear Vibration Weld Tooling

May 4, 2010

The balancing of Vibration Weld Tooling is critical to the longevity of any manufacturer’s vibration welding equipment. With proper design of the moving half of the vibration tools used in the Linear Vibration Welder, the manufacturer can expect a much longer life from his welding equipment.

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