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Solutions Provider, not an Equipment Supplier!

February 1, 2023

Plastic bonding projects are inherently challenging—they require specific knowledge and experience to implement successfully. Without proper technology selection, equipment/tooling design, and process implementation, your product launch can go from smooth to disaster—before you’ve even begun!

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Infinity™ Ultrasonic Welding: Leading the Way in a Post-pneumatic World

January 17, 2023

Infinity™ Ultrasonic Welding: Leading the Way in a Post-pneumatic World. Pneumatic press systems are so 1980s… well, actually more like the 17th Century, but that’s a different story. From the beginning, the prime mechanisms used to initiate the required force for a successful ultrasonic weld were a combination of pneumatic valves and cylinders.

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Reduce Flash, Get Stronger Welds, & Lower Residual Stress with Dynamic Weld Velocity

January 15, 2020

Assembling medical devices and other medical components are demanding. Consistently producing good parts, in a validated process, while recording, storing, and analyzing data points is imperative. Utilizing an ultrasonic welding process for assembly is widely accepted for medical devices and components because it is a fast, clean, easy to validate, repeatable assembling process. However, the…

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Benefits of Melt-Match®

November 11, 2019

Melt-Match® is known in the plastic industry to improve all the phases of the plastic welding process with servo-driven control and precision. Check out the following video showing the difference between pneumatic vs servo ultrasonic welding with patented Melt-Match®. Improves confidence in total quality with a tighter standard deviation of dimensional accuracy and weld strength…

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What is Melt-Match®?

September 26, 2019

A patented plastic welding process to repeatably detect melt transition from solid to molten state, then accurately controlling the melt flow of a thermoplastic material during the weld and transitioning from the molten to solid state. Melt-Match® is known in the plastic industry to improve all the phases of the welding process with servo-driven control…

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Benefits of Composite Horns Ultrasonic Welding

August 30, 2019

Ideally, in ultrasonic welding the area where the horn contacts the part should be as close to the part joint as possible. However, at times, odd-shaped and sized parts prevent a half-wave horn from contacting the part where needed or developing sufficient amplitude to weld the application. In these situations, the answer is to use…

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Medical Device Manufacturer Boosts Efficiency with Servo Ultrasonic Welding

January 29, 2019

Dukane, a leader in ultrasonic welding equipment manufacturer, help a Medical Device company specialized in developing optimized solutions for organ, tissue and cell preservation and perfusion to support life-saving transplantations, is utilizing a servo ultrasonic welding system to assemble tiny caps on disposable sensors. These polycarbonate disposable sensors monitor pH and gas in the artificial…

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Reconditioning the Ultrasonic "Stack" Quick Reference Guide

October 2, 2018

The ultrasonic “stack” is made up of three components: the transducer, booster and ultrasonic horn. The quality of the mating surfaces between these three units will have a major impact on the operating efficiency of your ultrasonic welding equipment. If they are not flat, if they become corroded or they make poor contact, they become…

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Dukane's ISTeP New member of Eastman Tritan™ Medical Toolkit

February 26, 2018

Dukane ISTeP (Industrial Standard Test Part), a two-piece cylindrical part designed to test various characteristics of different resins and plastic welding processes, is the new addition to the Eastman Tritan™ Medical Toolkit. Each application in the Medical Toolkit demonstrates key attributes Tritan™ offers in the medical device and packaging markets. Complex medical devices often require…

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Dukane presenting at The 46th Annual Ultrasonic Industry Association Symposium

February 15, 2017

The Ultrasonic Industry Association (UIA) is a unique association that brings together manufacturers of ultrasonic equipment, users of ultrasonic equipment, academicians and researchers involved in ultrasonics. UIA has perfectly managed to blend academic and industrial world interests to boost a wonderful discipline. UIA Symposia are places where one can meet professionals who practice various…

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