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Happy 38th Birthday "Welder"

July 7, 2017

Yes! You read it right, we recently celebrated the 38th Birthday of our ultrasonic work station built in 1979 to assemble whistles for SERON® Manufacturing. This was the first-time ultrasonic welding was used for the manufacturing of whistles. Before this, whistles were assembled using adhesives. Mr. Suren V. Seron, current president and owner of Seron…

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Experiments in Reducing Residual Stress with Dukane’s Servo-Driven Ultrasonic Welder

April 30, 2013

Even on parts with good weld strength, failure can occur in the field due to residual stresses [A]. With ultrasonic welding, residual stresses are typically in the range of 35 MPa due to the rapid cooling of the small amount of melt [A, B]. Recent experimentation at Turku University of Applied Sciences in Finland have…

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Experiments in Velocity Control with Dukane’s Servo-Driven Ultrasonic Welder

April 11, 2013

Even before the introduction of Dukane’s servo-driven welder, the need for velocity control was recognized. As Mikell Knights wrote in 2005, “Research has proven that consistency of melting rate has a direct influence on bond strength,” A linear velocity means a steady melt rate which, in turn, creates a homogenous molecular structure and a stronger…

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