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Solutions Provider, not an Equipment Supplier!

February 1, 2023

Plastic bonding projects are inherently challenging—they require specific knowledge and experience to implement successfully. Without proper technology selection, equipment/tooling design, and process implementation, your product launch can go from smooth to disaster—before you’ve even begun!

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What is the right material for making Ultrasonic Horns?

June 28, 2021

Ultrasonic horn stretches and shrinks in length during the plastic welding process like a spring. For example, a 20 kHz horn is typically a one-half wavelength long resonant bar, whose molecules are constantly expanding and contracting 20,000 times per second. Consequently, the horn is continually under compression or tension. That’s why, for manufacturing ultrasonic horns…

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Intelligent Assembly Solutions for Medical Devices

June 30, 2015

Medical devices are complex by nature and designed to assist in healing the human body. Therefore, these devices have the highest quality standards and are subject to stringent regulations. In addition, staying cost effective and employing sustainable manufacturing practices are emerging needs for Medical Device Manufacturers (MDM). Dukane, as a provider of assembly solutions…

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