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VW5900 Vibration Welder

Robust Design for Assembling Large Parts

Well suited to assemble large parts (1550mm x 550mm) with sturdy mechanical features. Heaviest-in-class, one-piece flame cut bridge stops unwanted vibration at its source. Robust frame with numerous cross members to support dovetail slide system for table. Tubular steel table with 1” (25mm) thick Blanchard ground surface provides stable platform for lower tooling.

Get Efficient Process Control with Advanced HMI Software

Provides real time graphing of amplitude, pressure, and collapse distance, which gives users additional control to monitor, evaluate and troubleshoot their vibration welding process. Programming capabilities for multiple sensors and pneumatic valves simplifies complex tooling set up. Built in logical control eliminates the need of PLC programming expert for changing simple standard machine logic.

Enjoy the Ergonomic Features

Large mechanical mass of the linear vibration head coupled with the solid welded tubular steel frame construction eliminate machine failure due to process vibration and provides one of the quietest machines in the industry, reducing operator fatigue. Optional automatic load/unload station, indexing part conveyors, adjustable safety switches and quick tool changing cart makes it more operator friendly.

Flexibility and Adaptability

Backward and forward engineered compatibility means up to 80% of components in welders are interchangeable providing better flexibility and adaptability.

VW5900 Vibration Welder
VW5900 Vibration Welder
VW5900 Vibration Welder
VW5900 Vibration Welder
VW5900 Vibration Welder


Dukane’s VW5900 machine is suitable for long, narrow parts such as rear deck spoilers and rocker panels. Typical part sizes up to 1550 mm x 550 mm are possible. Like all Dukane vibration welders, the VW5900 features a fully welded rectangular steel tubing frame and lift table. The vibration bridge is flame cut from a slab of 170mm thick steel, then precision machined to within 0.1mm. High strength tempered steel springs support the cast stainless steel lamination carriers. These carriers are investment cast for increased fatigue life. We use four sets of coils and lamination carriers in this machine for increased welding capacity and balancing the welding force over a long upper tooling plate. A compact, fully contained hydraulic power unit provides up to 25KN of table clamp force, capable of flattening warped parts prior to welding. The rigid part support table is supported by eight linear ball bearing packs on four independently adjusted, ground steel guide rails. This bearing/alignment design maintains precise motion throughout the entire 500mm table travel. The compact 3100 mm wide by 1300 mm deep overall machine footprint fits into tight spaces. All Dukane 5000 series welders incorporate a 380mm diagonal, color touchscreen for easy viewing. Tooling Inputs/Outputs are assignable and can be enabled at multi-set points in the welding process. Dukane’s patented Digital Frequency Drive closes the loop on vibration frequency, table position and welding amplitude. The welding process is dynamically programmable and controlled at up to 5 set points during the weld. All Dukane 5000 series welders include our unique “Q-Factor” tooling quality balance measurement. Using this diagnostic tool helps pinpoint potential unbalance issues with tooling or machine components.

Key Features

  • Table base size 1830mm wide by 610mm deep
  • Upper tool weight 50-90kg
  • Front, vertical sliding door with 660mm high x 1930mm wide opening with programmable table load height
  • Two upper/lower tool vacuum generators and six tooling air valves available as options
  • Electromechanical vibration head assembly (200-240 Hz)
  • Patented Q Factor for comprehensive tool and machine diagnostics and preventive maintenance
  • 15” color touchscreen HMI with remote I/O's
  • Real time graphing of amplitude, force and distance
  • Intuitive and interactive comprehensive help menu
  • Part parameter monitoring with programmable limits
  • Weld by time or weld by distance
  • Programmable amplitude 0.05 mm to 1.8 mm (0.020” to 0.070”) p-p
  • Programmable amplitude and pressure profile, up to 5 steps
  • Solid state 65 hp digital variable frequency drive
  • Automatic tuning with auto ping mode
  • Multilingual capabilities (English, Spanish, German, Japanese, Chinese, French, Czech)
  • One piece flame cut bridge (heaviest in class, in the industry)
  • Hydraulic lift / clamp force maximum 31,000 N (5,500 lb), 75.6 L (20 gallon) reservoir
  • Super rigid four rail table slide system
  • Light curtain for single switch activation
  • Interior work light
  • Dual external utility outlets

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