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Infinity™ with Melt-Match®

Patented Melt-Match® Technology

Produce fast and consistently by programming ultrasonic stack velocity, force, and position throughout the entire welding process for stronger welds.

Accurate & Reliable Ultrasonic Welding

Weld more accurately and reliably thanks to a tighter standard deviation of dimensional accuracy and 100% digital all-electric control.

Lower Production Costs

Since ultrasonic welding doesn’t require filler materials, adhesives, or fasteners, you can reduce production costs for each project.

Replicate Proven Welding Processes

Easily replicate a proven welding process from one Infinity system to another with the 100% digital all-electric control. No adjustments to pneumatics are needed.

Weld Various Types of Materials

A wide variety of thermoplastics and metals can be welded using this Ultrasonic Welder for more flexibility in your production.

Infinity-Servo Ultrasonic welding-system
Infinity-Servo Ultrasonic welding-system


Take Control

Take full control of each phase in the ultrasonic welding process with the Infinity™ Ultrasonic Welding System with Melt-Match®. It delivers accuracy, reliability, and easy replication of proven processes for faster and more cost-effective production. By using Melt-Detect™ a user can avoid deformation of energy directors during the welding process, get uniform melt, and a hermetic seal. Melt-Match® parameters control the welding process “in motion” with real-time closed-loop force control in addition to the real-time velocity control. Force and weld velocity can be programmed in 10 independent segments to match the melt flow rate of the material.

Don’t leave any room for error in your ultrasonic welding process. With the Infinity™ Ultrasonic Welding System, you have control and flexibility in how to program and implement your welding process for maximum efficiency and effectiveness. Buy the Infinity™ Ultrasonic Welding System with Melt-Match® to have full control over your ultrasonic welding process! 100% Money-back guarantee.



Product Name

Ultrasonic Frequency (kHz)

Thruster Model


Maximum Weld Force

Linear Encoder Resolution

Smart Stack

Front Display LCD on the Press

  kHz   in mm lb N in um    
Infinity X1 30 and Higher 43NTX1N 3.5 89 150 670 0.00004 1    
30 and Higher 43NTX1S 3.5 89 150 670 0.00004 1    
Infinity X2 20 43NTX2N 5 127 550 2450 0.00004 1    
Infinity X3 20 43NTX3N 5 127 550 2450 0.00004 1 yes yes
Infinity X4 15 43NTX4N 5 127 1000 4450 0.00004 1   yes



Key Features

  • Shorter thruster height to pack more power in a compact system
  • Increased booster rigidity for better weld repeatability
  • GUI LCD on thruster and generator for status/data/alarm display.
    Provides instant feedback at a convenient location
  • Provides instant feedback at a convenient location
  • Enhanced force sensing utilizing new load cell sensor and mechanical assembly with Digital force read-out. Offers improved control of the trigger force and welding force
  • Integrated servo controller, fewer interconnected cables, and improved cable handling for smaller footprint and overall better appearance
  • Easy to swap cassette-style ultrasonic stack assembly with lockable (fixed) horn orientation for tool-less ultrasonic stack installation and removal
  • Real time closed-loop force control in addition to the real time velocity control
  • Industry 4.0 ready with new family of ultrasonic generators which provides better ultrasound frequency and amplitude control capabilities
  • Full compliance with EN 13849 safety standard with STO function
  • Compliance with CE Mark, UL, and CSA requirements
  • Optional higher resolution linear encoder down to 0.1µ, improves control of the welding process
  • Simplified control of force calibration, distance, and speed verification

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