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Ultrasonic Welders

At Dukane, we specialize in delivering cutting-edge ultrasonic welding technology  tailored to enhance efficiency and precision in your manufacturing processes. Our range of ultrasonic welders features state-of-the-art designs that ensure high-quality, repeatable welding results for various materials and applications.

Discover the perfect ultrasonic welding solution tailored to meet the challenges of your production requirements. Each of our systems is engineered with precision, ensuring the highest standards of durability and functionality. Click on each product to learn more about how our ultrasonic welders can transform your manufacturing process.

Infinity™ with patented Melt-Match® by Dukane is the third generation of servo ultrasonic welders designed to redefine plastic welding as we know it. With patented Melt-Match® technology, you have the power to customize every critical parameter, ensuring seamless production in even the most demanding environments. Patented Melt-Match® technology synchronizes the motion of the weld horn with the melting flow of the plastic material, offering unparalleled control and consistency in your welds. Ideal for those seeking precise, energy-efficient operations in complex assemblies.

Compact and versatile, the P220 Ultrasonic Welder is designed for smaller-scale or mobile operations without compromising on quality. This unit is perfect for manufacturers needing a reliable, portable solution for rapid production environments.