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iQ Explorer II


  • iQ Explorer II operates on most Microsoft Windows OS.
  • Image on this screen can be configured by the user & tied to the setup. Effective use for this feature is to update a picture of the part. The setup is programmed so that it is easily identifiable to the operator.
  • List of components on this screen identifies the contents of the generator to which it is connected.

Process Settings

  • Intuitive menu structure, uses familiar windows controls.
  • One screen displays all main process settings for an easier programming experience.
  • Supports metric and Imperial units.

Process Limits

  • Dynamic list of process limits available. Most process limit categories may have upper and lower "bad" limits and upper and lower "suspect" limits.
  • When "bad" limits exceed, the cycle is aborted & marked as "bad". When "suspect" limits exceed, the cycle completes, but is marked as "suspect" giving the operator a warning that the process is drifting from nominal.


  • Identify the components of your stack and permanently store them with the setup parameters.
  • Includes an unlimited Notes field to enter specialized information related to your part.

Cycle Data

  • All defined Process Limits are shown in this table.
  • Shifts can be defined to create a unique set of cycle data results per shift.
  • Users can allocate a notes field per cycle. This field can be loaded with a specified setup parameter or left to be edited by the user. This information is permanently attached to the cycle data in file.

Graph Data

  • As many as eight user-selectable measurement categories to graph versus time.
  • Graph data may be stored to CSV file for later analysis and comparison
  • Define a reference graph to overlay current weld results to help visually identify the weld process drifting from nominal.
  • Good, bad and suspect parts are clearly marked.


  • One screen displays process settings that are most likely modified during production.
  • This screen also includes a shortened list of cycle data and the graph data from the last cycle.


  • Displays aggregate of results in hourly groupings. Excellent for instant monitoring of production.
  • Production data is inherently populated when historic cycle data files are loaded and viewed in iQ Explorer II.


  • Trigger a stack test from this screen. The ultrasonic test results containing the frequency & power are graphed and presented to the operator. This data can be stored for reference.
  • Change current setup manually or configure the system to have setups modified with external selection via automation.
  • Show a popup screen to view live data. Check the alarm history of the welder.


  • Configure the external I/O of your welder.
  • Monitor the I/O status in real time.


Process Control: Cycle data and graph data from the weld process are available in iQ Explorer II. This is useful for process analysis and for monitoring trends. Cycle data and graph data can be configured to store anywhere on your network or directly to a USB memory stick.

Enhanced Security: iQ Explorer II contains 6 levels of password protection, including two levels that can be customized to the needs of your operators. Your weld process can be as secure as you need it to be. Instead of creating a complete set of user IDs and passwords, iQ Explorer II can be integrated with Windows Active Directory on your network.

Key Features

  • Connects to any iQ Series Ultrasonic press via Ethernet connection. Possible to connect to multiple welders on your network or direct connect as a standalone application.
  • Cycle and graph data saved to file on the PC or directly to a server on your network.
  • Weld setups (recipes) can be stored to file on the PC, or directly to a server on your network.
  • Built-in multilevel password protection. Also, can be integrated with Windows Active Directory password protection.
  • FDA 21 CFR Part 11 compliant.
  • Capable of managing multiple iQ Series presses on your network.
  • Can be configured to work with a Dukane Lean Work Cell or Dukane iQLogiX™ such that it is fully integrated with work cell controls: e.g. light curtain, sliding door, part sensors, clamps, etc.
  • Capable of barcode per part support, barcode setup selection and barcode per lot.
  • Easy installation on any PC containing Microsoft Windows operating system.
  • Supports multiple languages.
  • Supports metric and Imperial units.