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Easy to Integrate with Flexible Options

Featuring the smallest footprint among automation components, it is ideal for panel mounting in both existing and new enclosures. The system provides versatility with multiple input voltage options, ensuring seamless adaptability to diverse operational requirements.

Compact Footprint

With its compact footprint, this solution offers a seamless drop-in replacement for existing bonders, streamlining upgrades. Engineered with FEA-optimized sonotrodes, it ensures precision and efficiency in ultrasonic processes. The availability of standard and custom sonotrode widths further enhances adaptability, catering to a spectrum of industrial applications.

Sustainable Solution

Effectively reduces your carbon footprint by replacing petroleum-based adhesives and outdated ultrasonic systems. It stands as a sustainable alternative, utilizing significantly less energy than traditional adhesive dispensing systems.

Easy to Operate

User-friendly and designed with end-user needs in mind, this system ensures easy operation through automated setup and an intuitive GUI design. It seamlessly integrates with production machinery, enhanced by Dukane's iQ LinQ™ technology.

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The Optibonder™ delivers industry leading bond quality by pairing a precision servo actuator with Dukane’s proprietary Active Force Control (AFC). Dukane’s iQLinQ™ software delivers complete control of the bonding process.

  • Easy parameter setup
  • Real-time data reporting of all mechanical and electrical data
  • Industry leading control of Frequency, Amplitude, Force, and Position