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Aurizon® Sonisolution™ RS Series

Suitable for a Variety of Industrial Applications

Aurizon® rotary ultrasonic equipment is ideal for processes that attach, bond, cut, seal or otherwise convert nonwovens, films, and other thermoplastics. Cross-directional bond length is only limited by process design.

Design the Rotary Ultrasonic Technology Component into Your System

With the Sonisolution™ RS Series, OEMs have the freedom to design Aurizon®’s industry-leading rotary ultrasonic technology into their systems.

Integrates into Existing Machine Configurations

The Sonisolution™ RS has a lightweight, compact design with a small machine footprint and can be easily integrated into existing machine configurations.

Offers Precise Control of Seal During Start-Stop Conditions

Rotary horns provide higher, continuous power delivery. More power means faster, more consistent sealing. Since the ultrasonic components do not need to “warm up”, start up and stop control of the machine is nearly instantaneous.

Can Operate in Contact with Other Surfaces

Because impact force to the radial surface of a rotary horn does not damage the converter, components can operate in contact mode and generate the forces required for high-speed bonding of lightweight materials.

Reduced Energy Costs when Compared to Heat Sealing

Ultrasonic processing is a fast, clean, efficient process that consumes less energy than heat-based processes.

Decreased Equipment Maintenance and Long Service Life

Industry proven robust design allows for long service life and low maintenance requirements.

Aurizon® Sonisolution™ RS Series
Aurizon® Sonisolution™ RS Series
Aurizon® Sonisolution™ RS Series
Aurizon® Sonisolution™ RS Series
Aurizon® Sonisolution™ RS Series


The Sonisolution™ RS Series of rotary ultrasonic sonotrode assemblies offers many benefits for your customers. Some of those benefits include the capability of reducing raw materials, increasing process speeds, improving product quality, and decreasing equipment maintenance. Aurizon® patented technology allows those with the technical knowledge to integrate high power ultrasonic capability into their machine designs.

Customers are saying that these robust systems offer an improvement to pressure, thermal and adhesive processing. These systems are available in 20, 30 and 40 kHz frequencies and are designed for maximum speed capability and high, continuous power delivery. Depending on the application, it is possible to reach process speeds up to 800 mph (2,625 fpm).


Key Features

  • All essential components required to produce ultrasonic energy included
  • System components can operate in contact with other surfaces
  • Accommodates bond widths up to 75mm / 3 inches
  • Rolling contact enables better sealing over varying material thicknesses
  • Operates at speeds up to 800 meters per minute / 2625 feet per minute
  • Ideal for a variety of packaging, hygiene and specialty applications
  • Ability to ramp power up and down allows you to stop and start machine while maintaining seal integrity
  • Unique and consistent horn metallurgy eliminates variability in acoustic components
  • Sonotrode designed and precisely manufactured in-house
  • Effective with a broad array of polymers and materials
  • Metal to metal contact possible without converter failure
  • Increases process throughput
  • Nearly instantaneous ON/OFF allows for shortened delay durations
  • Uniform amplitude control allows for more consistent seals

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