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Aurizon® Soniseal™ 40 UL Series

Faster Processing Speed While Maintaining Seal Integrity

Rotary horns provide higher, continuous power delivery. More power means faster, more consistent sealing. Focused energy and the “flywheel effect” of the rotary system allow for greatly increased sealing speeds and highly consistent seal integrity.

Reduces Energy Consumption when Compared to Heat Sealing

Reduced energy consumption and product damage due to minimal heat production during weld.

Integrates into Existing Machine Configurations

Soniseal™ 40 UL bonders have a lightweight, compact design with a small machine footprint that is easily integrated into existing system configurations.

Increases Productivity With Precise Control of Seal During Start-Stop Conditions

Since the ultrasonic components do not need to “warm up”, start up and stop control of the machine is nearly instantaneous.

Limits Product Damage

Soniseal™ bonders eliminate the risk of potential damage to the product because the process change is only occurring within the packaging material in the seal zone.

Rotary Force Enables Sealing through Product

Rotary force offers excellent seal consistency and control over varying material thicknesses like seams and gussets because of the inertia possessed by the system. Whether you are packaging liquids or solids, Soniseal™ bonders seal right through residual product, leading to fewer product failures and less waste.

Long Service Life

Industry proven robust design allows for long service life and low maintenance requirements.

Reduces Consumption of Packaging Materials

Reduces consumption of packaging materials due to narrower seals, smaller fin sizes, and the ability to seal through layers.

Aurizon® Soniseal™ 40 UL Series
Aurizon® Soniseal™ 40 UL Series
Aurizon® Soniseal™ 40 UL Series


The Soniseal™ 40 UL Series uses Aurizon® rotary ultrasonic patented technology to enable new capabilities in packaging applications. It offers the utmost in seal consistency and control in a lightweight package. Designed specifically for flow wrapper, VFFS and HFFS machinery, the Soniseal 40 UL maximizes seal strength, consistency, and quality.


Key Features

  • 40kHz system with single drive design
  • Used with 600W or 1200W power supply
  • Accommodates a range of bond widths up to 25mm / 1 inch
  • Operates at speeds up to 150 meters per minute / 500 feet per minute
  • Ideal for a variety of packaging applications including fin seals, top seals and back seals
  • Nearly instantaneous ON/OFF allows for shortened delay durations
  • Ability to ramp power up and down allows you to stop and start machine while maintaining seal integrity
  • Unique and consistent horn metallurgy eliminates variability in acoustic components
  • Sonotrode designed and precisely manufactured in-house
  • Anvil geometry and pattern development customized to your solution
  • Metal to metal contact possible without converter failure
  • Can enable reduced material consumption with smaller seal zones
  • In-running nip helps clear seal zone of residual product
  • Uniform amplitude control allows for more consistent seals

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