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Ultrasonic Cut and Seal for Nonwoven-Rotary Technology

Long Service Life

The three main factors that impact horn life are metallurgy, material type and the environment in which the horn is operating, which can vary greatly. Horns made from durable materials can enable long cutting life and process durability.

Material Cost Savings

Ultrasonic technology offers high-precision process control, which enables effective cutting of very lightweight nonwoven materials, which allows the utilization of less expensive, lighter weight nonwoven materials.

Product Design Flexibility

Complex shapes, angles, and cross sectional cuts can be effectively achieved on a variety of materials.

Sustainable Solution

Ultrasonic bonding uses minimal common voltage to power the highly efficient ultrasonic energy source, avoiding costs for heating and pumping adhesive, compressing and heating air, and so on.

Increase Production Line Efficiency

No cold start period or reheat and purge calibration. No heated equipment or cool down periods if maintenance is required.

Reduce Machine Maintenance

Replace complex and high wear issues with a simple, reliable, clean ultrasonic cutting solution.

Generates Sufficient Force Required for High Speed Bonding

One of the key advantages of the rotary sonotrode is the ability to achieve very high amplitudes and operate in contact with other surfaces (patterned steel anvils) without catastrophic failure of the horn or converter.

Ultrasonic Cut and Seal for Nonwovens
Ultrasonic Cut and Seal for Nonwovens
Ultrasonic Cut and Seal for Nonwovens
Ultrasonic Cut and Seal for Nonwovens


Our Aurizon® Hygiene Ultrasonic Cut and Seal technology offers a variety of solutions for a broad range of end-use applications. Rotary ultrasonic technology has proven to be particularly effective when working with nonwoven materials. We have solutions for sealing materials together utilizing our proven technology to form perfect edges. The Aurizon® Hygiene Ultrasonic Seal system can be used to bond seams on garments where a continuous seam without holes is required. Likewise, ultrasonic cutting is accomplished by using high-frequency vibration against an anvil with a specially designed continuous edge that causes materials to melt away and separate from each other.

Our ultrasonic solutions can be customized in a variety of ways to offer unique process solutions in many hygiene and personal care applications. We welcome inquiries where our expertise and process knowledge can be leveraged to provide honest and open discussion under complete confidentiality.

Key Features

  • High speed intermittent or continuous processing - up to 2700fpm
  • System components can operate in contact with other surfaces to maximize pressure
  • Simple, low maintenance system design
  • Capable of effective bonding of dissimilar materials
  • Low power consumption
  • Highly efficient, proven, reliable system
  • Robust to process and web upsets
  • Retrofit capability to existing process equipment
  • Accommodates various applications
  • Components are durable and offer long service life
  • Adaptable to specialty applications
  • Fewer spare parts to purchase and inventory

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