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TH3 – Thermal Welder

Flexible welding – One platform, three welding solutions

TH3 hybrid platform with rapid changeover between Hot Plate, Hot Gas, and Infrared tools and components delivers cost savings for future programs. Achieve hermetic seal with the best welding process for your application.

Intelligent Tooling Interface

Reduce Setup time with TH3 Auto-Teach and Automatic Tool ID for tool and process specific recipe recall.


High speed smooth servo motion for reduced cycle time. Start welding faster with Auto-Teach Tooling Setup. Easy to learn HMI (Reduce training).

Improve dimensional stability with TH3 Precision & Repeatability

Eliminate manual adjustments with the servo-controlled upper tool, lower tool, and heater platen.

Hot Gas Welding

Oxidation free welding solution eliminates outgassing, yielding the strongest welds. Reduces mechanical stress on the plastic parts.

Infrared Welding

Custom contoured quartz short-wave emitters designed for greater range and part variability.

Hot Plate

Easily accommodates multi-plane and contoured parts. Multiple temperature zones for maximum melt control.

Hot Plate Welder - TH3
Hot Plate Welder - TH3
Hot Plate Welder - TH3
Hot Plate Welder - TH3
Hot Plate Welder - TH3


Designed for Versatility

TH3-Thermal Hybrid is one platform designed to offer Infrared, Hot Plate & Hot Gas Welding solutions. Users can buy one system and quickly configure the TH3 to weld using one of the three welding processes (Infrared, Hot Gas and Hot Plate) by quickly changing between different tools and components in the system. TH3 is the first platform on the market designed to deploy multiple welding processes and the first system capable of welding both rigid and flexible thermoplastics, with the addition of Hot Gas.

TH3 was designed to offer maximum flexibility for customers. Once a program is completed, many machines sit idle or wait for expensive retrofits to get them ready for the next program. The TH3 was built to be able to quickly change between three welding processes, Infrared, Hot Gas, and Hot Plate. With a quick change of the tool, you can have a machine equipped for Infrared or Hot Plate. When Hot Gas welding is needed, a plug and play module is required to configure the TH3 for the Hot Gas application. TH3 is ready for your project today and your future projects, this is thermal welding made easy.


Key Features

  • Dukane’s high-strength aluminium shielding protects the Infrared heaters
  • Optional water-cooled tooling to improve ergonomics and dimensional stability
  • Machine Status Indicator
  • Unique software solution provides both Phase Angle Control & PID Loop Control
  • Multiple platens size available from 12″ x 12″ up to 20″ x 40″ (custom sizes available upon request)
  • Front, back and side loading of parts*
  • 12 Zone Heater Phase Angle IR or Hot Plate Control
  • 24kW Heater Capability
  • Repeatable welding processes with servo control for consistent weld strength and aesthetics
  • 3 axis coordinated servo motion with torque feedback
  • Automatic Tool ID for tool and process specific recipe recall

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