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Weld large and irregularly shaped parts efficiently with our selection of Vibration Welders. Ideal for manufacturers that produce plastic parts for automotive, appliances, home improvement, and other industries.

What is Vibration Welding?

Linear vibration welding physically moves one of two parts horizontally under pressure, creating heat through surface friction that melts and welds the parts together. Compared to ultrasonic welding, vibration welders operate at much lower frequencies, higher amplitudes and much greater clamping force. Linear vibration welding is designed with electromagnetic heads that eliminate the wear and lubrication associated with bearing surfaces.


Dukane Vibration Welding Product Line

VW 6000 Series with patented Melt-Match®

VW6000 Series is Industry 4.0 ready providing remote connectivity for faster diagnosis, data acquisition, and service via most prevalent industrial communication protocols.  

  • Provides the largest welding table in the industry with the smallest footprint
  • Repeatable process and consistent results
  • Melt-Match® accurately controls the welding process “in motion” with real time velocity control. 

lfvw 6970

Low-Frequency Vibration Welder – LFVW 6970 is designed to weld large parts with servo precision. Equipped with Dukane’s proprietary and easy to use HMI software to deliver the most efficient process control by providing real-time graphing of amplitude, force, and collapse distance, with additional data to control, monitor, diagnose, and evaluate the welding process.

  • Reduce install time and cost with one  piece construction
  • Eliminate table chattering, improved  table alignment, and
    eradicate unwanted machine resonance with fully supported rails
  • Faster cycle times driven by high speed smooth servo motion

VW 5000 Series

Get consistent part geometry with sturdy mechanical features of VW 5000 Series Vibration welders. They are constructed with heaviest-in-class, one-piece flame cut bridge which stops unwanted vibration at its source.  Four continuously supported linear rails and eight reciprocating bearings provide with the best table slide system in the industry. 

  • Get efficient process control with advanced HMI Software
  • Reduce your Downtime and maintenance cost
  • Customized fixture designs to meet unique requirements for your industry

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