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Ultrasonic Welding Tooling and Accessories

Dukane’s line of ultrasonic products offer clean, consistent and fast processing for joining and cutting nonwoven materials. From quilting mattress pads and sewing disposable health care apparels to slitting and bonding hygiene products we have designed and delivered a solution for all major film and fabric applications.

Ultrasonic Food Cutting Products

Dukane has been the world leader in ultrasonic food cutting technology for nearly 30 years. Dukane’s ultrasonic components are a widely used and proven technology. The “guillotine” blades are crafted in titanium and employ the latest FEA design technology for trouble free operation and reliability.

  • Reduce scrap
  • Consistent Result with Faster Process
  • Cleaner cuts for outstanding aesthetics on layered products

Ultrasonic Cutting Systems

Our robust designs provide minimal blade flexure which yields straight cuts without having to support the blade. Dukane cutting systems come in 20,30, 35, and 40 kHz frequencies.  Where aggressive cuts are needed our 20 kHz ultrasonic generators and tooling are a great solution.  If a smaller footprint or lighter payload is needed our 30 and 40 kHz cutting systems are a great fit and provide a quiet operating environment.  

  • Available in 20,30, 35, and 40 kHz frequencies
  • Ultrasonic Cuts are cleaner than conventional cutters with minimal debris
  • Replaceable blade technology reduces setup time and reduces replacement tooling costs

Ultrasonic Tooling

Ultrasonic horns and fixtures must be designed to accommodate the requirements of a particular application. Applying the practices of a documented work process, Dukane’s highly skilled ultrasonic tooling engineers use the latest technology to design and manufacture durable, dependable horns and fixtures that can be used with Dukane plastics assembly equipment, as well as competitive equipment.

  • Various plating to protect the horns
  • Slotted Horns to improve performance
  • Ultrasonic Horns made of different materials to provide the best solution for your welding application

Ultrasonic Welding Accessories

We offer a wide range of ultrasonic welding accessories that helps in improving the welding process. Our film feeder is designed to provide NO marking on visible “class A” surfaces. It provides sacrificial layer of plastic sheet between the welding horn and the welded part. iQQ EZ stapler with foot switch is easy to operate. Sound enclosures and other accessories help reduce operator fatigue. 

  • Improve the welding process and reduce operator fatigue
  • Quick and easy to integrate in the existing or new welding systems.

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