InfinityTM with patented Melt-Match® provides an infinite number of features to accurately control all phases of the ultrasonic welding process. Patented Melt-Match® technology paired with the upgraded servo actuator and servo controller deliver the fastest approach, while ensuring that the contact force does not exceed the programmed value. A new load cell sensor provides better force sensing, digital force read-out, giving you better control of the trigger and welding force. Patented Melt-Detect™ feature resumes motion once the plastic material has started to melt. By using Melt-Detect™ a user can avoid deformation of energy directors during the welding process, get uniform melt, and a hermetic seal. Melt-Match® parameters control the welding process “in motion” with real time closed-loop force control in addition to the real time velocity control. Force and weld velocity can be programmed in 10 independent segments to match the melt flow rate of the material.