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Custom Ultrasonic Welding Equipment

We are known in the industry for our willingness and ability to meet our customers' specialized needs. The design of our products encourages innovation so that any configuration, from standalone, single-station systems to fully integrated automation, is possible. From simple to complex, Dukane can design and build an assembly system for your application(s). Our custom built ultrasonic welding systems feature servomotors, optical part sensors, indexing tables and sound enclosures.

Mobile Custom Work Cells

Custom built mobile ultrasonic welding systems  are designed to provide smaller footprint and agility an the manufacturing floor. In a compact workcell we house the press, ultrasonic generator, custom designed tooling, and HMI for process control.  Fork truck tubes and robust guarded castors in the base makes it easy to move and place.

  • Robust and mobile
  • Operator friendly ergonomic features
  • Custom tooling with turnkey solution

Robot armed work cells

Automation for manufacturers today require more flexibility and multipurpose machines to outpace their competition.  Robot based work cells provide this flexibility and control for ultrasonic welding applications.  Systems feature quick-change fixtures with fast change over times.  Fixtures can contain multiple part nests, clamps, and sensors.  Fixture ID features automatically recall the correct robot program as the fixture is installed.

  • Quick-change fixtures 
  • Accuracy and repeatability with robotic arms
  • Multiple welding modes available for different applications

Multi-Probe Work cells

Multi-Probe Work cells incorporate one or multiple ultrasonic generators to control multiple probes. Each probe can follow its unique weld recipe. Dukane’s patented multi-point controllers (MPC) allow for one ultrasonic generator to control as many as 16 ultrasonic probes, minimizing capital investment and making machine programming simple. Large parts like spoilers with multiple welding points can be easily assembled using one workcell.

  • Reduce capital investment 
  • Faster processing speeds
  • Product design flexibility

Rotary Work Cell

Rotary work cells are an economical solution for increasing throughput for small to medium sized assemblies . Rotary systems can be manual or semiautomatic in operation and are available in indexes of 2, 4, 8, 12 stations to name just a few. Operators load components into a fixture located in a station on the rotary while the welding operation takes place saving cycle time.

  • Custom design and construction to meet unique application requirement 
  • Reduce cycle time by incorporating multiple stations for parts loading, unloading, and welding
  • Advanced HMI and software for efficiently controlling the process

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