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Ultrasonic Rotary Welding Machines

Rotary ultrasonic bonding is the process of using high-frequency compression/relaxation of materials against specially designed anvil patterns that cause them to heat at the molecular level and melt. This process enables the materials to flow around the shapes of the anvil and adhere to each other and to other materials that are in the web matrix.

Dukane Rotary Ultrasonic Welding Product Line

Rotary Ultrasonic
Sealing for Packaging

Fastest sealing speed in the industry with focused energy and the “flywheel effect” of the rotary system. Cross or end seal through product or residue without the worry of burning or contaminating the packaged product. Reduce scrap rate by bonding materials with localized heat input, programmable control, and failed seals during shipment are a thing of the past. Packages are sealed strong enough to survive temperature and air pressure changes during transit for distribution.

  • Save time by eliminating bagging of your sealing unit in washdown environment
  • Uniform Melt & Hermetic Seal with molecular bonding
  • GO GREEN by reducing energy consumption and by easily sealing recyclable and paper based materials

Rotary Ultrasonic Sealing for Nonwovens

Our patented Rotary Ultrasonic bonding technology provides high-speed continuous or intermittent bonding of nonwoven materials.  Rotary ultrasonic bonding is suitable for many different applications including fin and lap sealing, tube forming, bonding, feature attachment, embossing, sheet lamination, cutting, and slitting.

  • Higher productivity with high speed rotary technology (800 meters/minute) and lower process delay time
  • Reduces material weight by eliminating adhesive
  • Energy savings by eliminating adhesive dispensing systems (heater and pump)

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