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Ultrasonic Packaging Systems

Key Features

  • iQ EZ Stapler used with Dukane Patented iQ Ultrasonic 30khZ generator technology.
  • Stapler and valve sealer can be integrated into automated systems.
  • Rugged Construction using the highest quality components provides superior performance, precision, and reliability.
  • i220 valve sealer’s ergonomic features like adjustable bag shelf height, tall column mount, mobile cart with lockdown wheels and two handed adjustable tie-down safety switches makes the equipment safe and user friendly.

Dukane’s standard packaging systems make ultrasonic welding of packaging easier than ever.  Two ultrasonic systems specifically designed for the packaging industry are the iQ EZ Stapler and the i220 ultrasonic bag valve sealer. The iQ EZ Stapler is a small compact module designed to weld blister/clamshell packages.  The system is activated by a foot-switch to free up the use of the operator’s hands to quickly and easily weld any size of package.  The unit is compact and easy to learn for operators resulting in fast cycle times.  The stapler can be placed on a workbench or wall-mounted on its own support structure.  The iQ EZ Stapler can weld films, non-woven materials, coated and laminated packaging, and foil packages. Thermoplastics such as PET, PERG, PE, PP, PVC and PVA are all appropriate for use. The iQ Series i220 Integrated Ultrasonic equipment is designed for sealing valve bags. This equipment provides a hermetic seal to thermoplastic valves on bags used for packaging powders, food and hydroscopic products.  This prevents product loss, moisture intrusion or pest infiltration.  The i220 Integrated Bag Sealer is available in 20 kHz frequency and power levels from 1200 to 2400 Watts with patented Trigger by Power feature.The Ultrasonic Generator housed within the press gives the machine a smaller footprint, easy installation and mobility.  


Flexibility to seal various shapes and sizes of clamshells.

“Green” sealing solution due to no additives and low operating costs.

Each unit has a small footprint to save on manufacturing space.

Reduces operator fatigue from conventional hand probe systems.

Consistent results with weld by energy process control

i220 Ultrasonic Welder

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