The Aurizon® Ultrasonic Lamination and Embossing technologies offer a variety of solutions for a broad range of end-use applications. We have solutions for bonding materials together utilizing our proven and patented technology without the need for glue. Aurizon® Ultrasonic Lamination systems use a low-density anvil pattern to tack materials together while leaving the majority of the web open for other functional attributes (e.g. absorbency). Similar to lamination, embossing is achieved by manipulating the anvil pattern to melt materials in a way that imparts a pattern into the surface of the materials.

Ultrasonic bonding is the process of using high-frequency compression/relaxation of materials against specially designed anvil patterns that cause them to heat at the molecular level and melt. This process enables the materials to flow around the shapes of the anvil and adhere to each other and to other materials that are in the web matrix. When coupled with a rotary anvil, the two components form an in-running nip that effectively delivers energy to the materials passing through.

Our ultrasonic solutions can be customized in a variety of ways to offer unique process solutions in many hygiene and personal care applications. We welcome inquiries where our expertise and process knowledge can be leveraged to provide honest and open discussion under complete confidentiality.