Dukane Ultrasonic cutting systems are ideal for cutting rubber, composite aerospace materials such carbon fiber, Nomex and various honeycombs.   Dukane’s ultrasonic cutting systems can be operated as hand-held units or incorporated into automated machinery.  Our applications and design engineering team have developed industry leading tooling to meet the rugged demands of cutting applications.  Solid, one-piece construction of horn blade technology virtually eliminates breakage and energy loss.  Our robust designs provide minimal blade flexure which yields straight cuts without having to support the blade. Dukane cutting systems come in 20,30, 35, and 40 kHz frequencies.  Where aggressive cuts are needed our 20 kHz ultrasonic generators and tooling are a great solution.  If a smaller footprint or lighter payload is needed our 30 and 40 kHz cutting systems are a great fit and provide a quiet operating environment.  Our ultrasonic horns designed to work with replaceable carbide cutting blades is a proven solution for aerospace materials that would otherwise not be feasible with standard ultrasonic tooling materials.