Hot Gas, Infrared, & Hot Plate Welding; Triple Axis servo welding solution for joining contoured or complex thermoplastic parts.

Benefits & Key Features

  • Flexible welding – One platform, three welding solutions
  • Rapid changeover between Hot Plate, Hot Gas, and Infrared tools
  • Multiple platens size available from 12″ x 12″ upto 20″ x 40″ (custom sizes available upon request)
  • Front, back and side loading of parts*
  • Infinitely programmable positions for tooling and platen
  • Intuitive programming and set up
  • Automatic Tool ID for tool and process specific recipe recall
  • Reduce Setup time with Auto-Teach Tooling Setup
  • Adaptable expandable control of tool action sensing and vacuum
  • High speed smooth servo motion for reduced cycle time
  • Rapid Tooling Changeover minimizing costly downtime
  • Start welding faster with Auto-Teach Tooling Setup
  • Easy to learn HMI (Reduce training)
  • Industry best service with 24/7 support
  • Eliminate manual adjustments with servo controlled upper tool, lower tool, and heater platen
  • Precise movement provides improved dimensional stability of your welded part
  • Repeatable welding processes with servo control for consistent weld strength and aesthetics
  • 3 axis coordinated servo motion with torque feedback for reliable process monitoring and control


  • Strongest, Cleanest welding solution available
  • Capable of joining the widest range of complex part geometries
  • Oxidation free welding solution eliminates out gassing, yielding the strongest welds
  • Ability to weld – Rigid, Flexible, glass and talc filled thermoplastic materials
  • Capable of welding dissimilar materials
  • Reduces mechanical stress on the plastic parts
  • Custom contoured quartz short-wave emitters designed for greater range and part variability
  • Dukane’s high-strength aluminium shielding protects the heaters
  • Optional water-cooled tooling to improve ergonomics and dimensional stability
  • Particulate free welding for improved part quality and aesthetics
  • Non contact process eliminates maintenance on non stick platen coating
  • Easily accommodates multi-plane and contoured parts
  • Multiple temperature zones for maximum melt control
  • Rapid changeover to maximize material bond strength
  • Advanced coatings to minimize adhesion, wear, and tool maintenance
  • High temp options available to reduce the need for non stick coatings and improve cycle time

Standard Features

Machine Status Indicator

Unique software solution provides both Phase Angle Control & PID Loop Control

Available in multiple platens size for different parts and application

Intelligent tooling interface

3 axis coordinated servo motion with torque feedback

12 Zone Heater Phase Angle IR or Hot Plate Control

24kW Heater Capability


Designed for Versatility
The Thermal Hybrid welder is designed with easy tooling changeover to accommodate a variety of parts.
From reservoirs, taillight lenses, and batteries, either rigid or flexible thermoplastics, our one platform
is your complete welding solution. These three solutions are commonly used when trying to attain a
hermetic seal and can achieve weld strengths approaching that of the virgin material.