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Spin Welders

This process works through rotational motion of one part relative to the other. This results in surface friction that leads to heat generation and the formation of a melt layer at the joint. Spin welding typically has weld times from one-half to five seconds. Dukane’s spin welders can handle parts from approximately one-half inch (12 mm) diameter using high speed motors up to nine inches (225 mm) diameter using high torque motors.

What is Spin Welding?

The process of spin welding consists of generating heat by rotational friction to weld thermoplastic parts with circular joints. The spin welding machine applies force axially while rotating one part against its stationary mate. The resulting friction generates heat that melts the parts at the interface.  Once rotation stops, the material cools and solidifies, forming a welded assembly.  For cases where the parts must be oriented in a particular manner with respect to each other, the welder stops the rotation at a precise angular orientation.


Dukane Spin Welding Product Line


Dukane’s servo spin welders utilizes state of the art servo controls to provide outstanding angular orientation and overall assembly height consistency. Melt-Match® mode can be enabled during the weld phase, in which the motion of the vertical axis is coordinated with that of the spin axis to match the rate of melt of the material being welded.

  • Accurate and Reliable Weld Quality with Melt-Match®
  • Multiple Welding Modes well suited for different applications
  • Reduce Cost by Eliminating the need for an External PLC

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