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iQ Servo Cut and Seal

Key Features

  • Dukane patented ultrasonic 20kHz 4.8kW iQ Servo press system.
  • The 1-Step Ultrasonic seal & cut eliminates the need for costly 2-step manufacturing processes.
  • The ultrasonic sealed edge is clean and eliminates material fraying.
  • Dukane patented servo Melt-Match® technology allows precision velocity control during the sealing phase of the process.

Dukane servo controlled ultrasonic welders take the hassle out of the cut and seal process.  Conventional pneumatic cut and seal ultrasonic welder processes are difficult to setup and ultrasonic horn and anvil wear is always a concern.  Since Dukane’s patented ultrasonic servo technology controls all facets of motion in the process cut and seal application, setup time is extremely reduced.  By using our servo teach modes for initial setup a robust process can be established in just minutes.  The Dukane ultrasonic servo welders come with ultra-rigid construction to eliminate deflection and our patented melt-match technology and static hold mode deliver excellent cut and seal products with minimal tooling wear.

Servo’s superior accuracy allows absolute distance control to +/- 1µ. The accuracy and velocity control of the servo provides unparalleled results. Melt-Match® technology allows for stronger seals with repeatability that cannot be matched by traditional pneumatic ultrasonic welders.  Dukane servo-controlled welders with precision made ultrasonic tooling are deal for woven and non-woven materials.

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iQ Servo driven Ultrasonic Cut & Seal


Ease of application setup.

Unmatched repeatability with servo controlled ultrasonic welder.

Tooling wear dramatically reduced.

Robust design for eliminating deflection.

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