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Rotary Work Cells

Key Features

  • Powered by industry leading iQ Series Ultrasonic Power Supplies
  • Part presence sensors easily incorporated for poke yoke of assembly.
  • Industry leading HMI with touch screen capabilties
  • Custom design and construction & custom software development

Rotary work cells are an economical solution for increasing throughput for small to medium sized assemblies . Rotary systems can be manual or semiautomatic in operation and are available in indexes of 2, 4, 8, 12 stations to name just a few. Operators load components into a fixture located in a station on the rotary while the welding operation takes place saving cycle time. Multiple welders can be added to rotary systems that have a large work base to achieve twice the throughput as one welder with single operator. Additional stations can be added for secondary operations such as leak testing, part marking, or automatic part removal. Rotary work cell systems are available with Dukane’s ultrasonic press systems, Servo spin welders, and Infrared welders.

Economic solution for increased throughput.

Small machine footprint to reduce floor space.

Enclosures provide additional safety as well as noise reduction when acoustical foam added.

Automatic part pick and unloading into part chute available to reduce part handling.

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