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Robot Work Cells - Custom Engineering

Key Features

  • Trigger by Power patented feature provides the ability to accurately start the weld process once a programmed force is achieved.
  • Quick-change fixtures with a changeover time of less than two minutes.
  • Mini-thruster on the robot arm automatically compensates for part thickness variation or part warpage.
  • Time, energy and manual weld modes.

Automation for manufacturers today require more flexibility and multipurpose machines to outpace their competition.  Robot based work cells provide this flexibility and control for ultrasonic welding applications.  Systems feature quick-change fixtures with fast change over times.  Fixtures can contain multiple part nests, clamps, and sensors.  Fixture ID features automatically recall the correct robot program as the fixture is installed. Dukane has the largest selection of ultrasonic frequencies to fit your applications requirements.  15, 20, 30, 35, and 40 kHz systems are available for robot integration.  Patented Trigger by Power provides unmatched process control and insures that the ultrasonic tool and assembly are met with the same force each and every time.  Dukane ultrasonic generators come equipped with weld by energy and distance control features for process control.


Provides wide range of application flexibility. Built-in fixture ID ensures correct recipe is selected.

Robot work cells can be easily retooled for future programs.

Enclosure with light curtains allow operators to do other functions while machine is in process.

Process control limits in Dukane ultrasonic generators provide feedback on each weld position.

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