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Multi Probe Control for Ultrasonic Welding

Key Features

  • Ring-down monitor allows relay switching only when voltage is off to prevent probe failure.
  • Logic interlocks prevent selection changes when ultrasound is on.
  • Fully protected from improper programming and power line irregularities.
  • Binary coded selection inputs prevent selection of 2 probe relays.
  • Can be a stand-alone module or panel mounted.
  • Available in 2 to 16-point control modules.
  • Compatible with 15,20,30,35, and 40 kHz frequencies at any power level.
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Patented Multi-Point Control (MPC) unit is designed to provide assembly solutions where one ultrasonic power supply is sequenced to several ultrasonic probes.  Our unique Control and Process Monitoring Profile is available for each individual probe when coupled with any of Dukane’s iQ series ultrasonic generators. MPC module has the ability to sequence up to 16 probes or converters and can be purchased from 2 to 16-point control.  Color-coded status LED’s insure ease of system operation and field troubleshooting.  The MPC module can be used with all frequency and power levels of ultrasonic systems. Dukane’s Multi-point controller coupled with iQ series power supplies offers independent control and process monitoring of weld time, weld energy, and amplitude per ultrasonic probe.  This allows for suspect or bad part alarms independent for each weld point.  Typical automated machines using Dukane’s MPC can have an illuminated part map that would immediately indicate to the operator potential weld defects.  No other system offers this level of control.

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Eliminates equipment failures from improper machine programming.

Reduces capital investment by eliminating the need for a generator for each probe.

Reduces the need for electrical cabinet space and hardware for custom built sequencers.

Makes integration easier with drop module and reduces risk of failure in the field.

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