The P220 pneumatic Ultrasonic Welding system offers intuitive process setup controls, robust mechanical design, and multiple advanced welding modes for accurate and consistent weld quality.
Advanced weld initiation trigger methods include our patented programmable Trigger by Power and Trigger by Force, eliminating all mechanical trigger settings and significantly improving weld initiation accuracy and repeatability.
The P220 press offers unparalleled advanced features and controls. Its operational simplicity and robust design ensure consistent and reliable welding results every time

Industry Leading Service and Support
Using our leading-edge plastic welding technologies, Dukane’s application engineers can ensure that your assemblies meet or exceed the application requirements and quality standards. With every system, we provide a full lab report detailing setup conditions, process parameters, and power & velocity graphs based on our weld sampling. Referring to this data during production can help ensure assemblies with consistent weld quality