Low Frequency Vibration Welder

Large Parts, Precision Welded with Dukane’s Advanced Low Frequency Servo Welder

Benefits & Key Features

  • Consistent dimensional stability for your parts with:
    • Four supportive rails ensure no movement of table during the welding process
    • Eight precision guided linear bearings improves the parallelism of the table, increasing first run tool capability
  • Synchronized dual outboard servos eliminate table deflection ensuring more consistent welds
  • Ensure quality parts
    • Real-time graphing of amplitude, force, & distance
  • Reduced energy loss by eliminating table movement
  • Reduced cycle time with higher clamp forces with dual servo drives
  • Servo drives maximize table speed
  • Reduce install time and cost with one piece of construction
    • Control cabinet, Sound Enclosure, and Frame
    • Eliminating disassembly/assembly between site to site movement reduces total rigging cost
  • One piece construction allows for flexibility in manufacturing layout
  • 100% Part Traceability
    • Weld data tied to part serialization (bar code)
  • Remote connectivity for faster diagnosis and service
  • Multiple communication protocols available for plant communication and data transfer
  • Real time graphing of force, amplitude, and pressure
  • Match the speed of the melt of plastic with the speed of the table
    • Eliminates the displacement of liquid and solid plastic in the weld joint
    • Reduces degradation and oxidation of material
  • Improved weld strength and decrease particulate by matching table motion with the plastic melt flow.
    • Patented software technology coordinates servo motion, force feedback, and variable plastic melt flow.
    • Optimize weld speed to the melt characteristics of the plastic
  • Improved aesthetics by reducing weld flash
    • Consistent flash control
  • Familiar Dukane software ecosystem
    • Easy navigation of screens, quick recipe set up
  • Limited training required to setup welder
  • Advanced features include
    • Tool ID Programming for Quick Change between tools
    • Part parameter monitoring with programmable limits
    • Configurable sensors
  • Standard programming for up to 6 pneumatic valves, expandable up-to 10 as an option
  • Part presence sensors – up-to 6, expandable up-to 10 as an option
  • Multilingual (English, Spanish, German, Japanese, Chinese, French, and Czech)
  • Automatic archiving of part, alarm, and event cycle data

Standard Features

Machine Status Indicator

Quick Change Tooling

Ergonomic Tool Loading

4 Fully Supported Rails

Dual Outboard Servo Lift Table

One Piece Construction

Technical Document