Dukane Laser Welding System for plastic parts is designed to weld clear-to-clear plastic components without the need for any laser absorbing additives. These work cells incorporate a recently developed 2-micron laser with greatly increased absorption by clear polymers and enable highly controlled melting through the thickness of optically clear parts.

Dukane’s clear-to-clear laser welding machine is an exciting advancement for, medical, electronics, automotive, appliances, and other industries. This advanced laser welding technology enables manufacturers to implement laser-based plastic assembly in high-volume automation lines, as well as custom manufacturing of plastic parts with various shapes and sizes.

Industry Leading Custom Tooling The flexible welding system from Dukane also allows for rapid change-over of a wide variety of highly specialized tooling cassettes. The tools, as a standard, incorporate binary tool ID recognition for automatic weld recipe recall. They are capable of supporting multi-cavity function, multiple feature detection, vision systems, and independent clamping systems in an effort to compensate for part variations.