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iQ LS-E Ultrasonic Generator

Key Features

  • 100% digital control of all power supply functions and parameters allows for unique configurations and future upgrades or requirements. Includes digital frequency synthesis.
  • Line Voltage Regulation compensates for line fluctuations assuring consistent amplitude.
  • Flow Through Cooling tunnel with a matched high performance heat sink and thermostatically controlled fan reduces thermal gradients, minimizes dirt infiltration and increases component life.
  • 8 line LCD display with intuitive menu structure for quick easy programming
  • 16 onboard setups with individual user ID. (including Amplitude %)
  • Patented Trigger by Power feature controls the process by insuring sufficient force is applied to the part prior to the weld cycle initiation.
  • Ethernet/IP Port to communicate with industrial protocols.
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The iQ Series generators are all built around our patented digital design. Compact in size, they provide the highest power density in the smallest package, while incorporating our exclusive flow through cooling. These generators are designed to handle the toughest applications and environments, capable of operating either in continuous duty or high-speed automation.

Our industry leading 0.5 millisecond multicore processing speed provides the highest level of accuracy and repeatability. The unique modular design allows for custom configurations and ultimate flexibility. This series is compatible with all your current Dukane hand probes, automation probes and converters.


Available in 15,20,30,35, and 40 kHz frequencies in power levels from 600 to 4800 watts.

Built in Ethernet/IP port for ease of integration and data collection.

Flow Through Cooling design to operate in even the toughest environments.

Patented Trigger By Power eliminates the need for additional costly components for process control by utilizing the transducer as a load cell.